Face to the challenges of how to produce high quality monocrystalline and polycrystalline synthetic diamond on a large scale, at low cost, and in a reproducible way. At the present time, nobody worldwide complies with these conditions.

The objective of this project is to overcome the challenges to ensure a large-scale production of synthetic diamond at low price for industrial commercialization with high quality, homogeneity and purity standards.

In this way, Nano Coatings, S.L. will ensure the supply of high quality synthetic diamonds for their clients in Europe with a competitive price.


The diamond market annually moves large amounts of money, generating a lot of interest. However, the depletion of current mines, the absence of discoveries of major new deposits, together with the complicated technical and of the new mines under development, will saturate the global supply of diamonds in the coming years.

From 2018 onwards, rising demand, especially in the United States, India and China, and declining supply due to the depletion of natural mines, will sharply increase the price of diamonds. On the other hand, environmental concern and social awareness also affect the diamond market.

This situation justifies the growing number of research aimed at the production of synthetic diamond, both for commercialization and jewellery gems, accounting for 99% of natural diamond applications, as well as for more sophisticated applications in the form of thin sheets.

Synthetic Diamond Market Trends

The world’s synthetic diamond market production reached 4.42 billion carats (> 800 million €) in 2015 compared with 60 million carats of natural industrial diamond. Transparency Market Research also reports that it is expected to experience a growth of nearly 100% in the next eight years, reaching 26.9 billion € by 2023. In terms of revenue, polished diamond accounted for majority of the market share. In terms of market volume share, the main end-user segments of the synthetic diamond market are construction and mining and electronics.

Construction and Mining










Global synthetic diamond market volume share by end-user in 2015

By 2020, it is estimated that China, India and the United States will represent 70% of the demand increase. Especially China and India, target markets of Nano Coatings, S.L., are at the forefront in the growth of demand for diamonds, driven by strong economic advances in both countries. The United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium will also increase their demand. In the global synthetic diamond market, the top three manufacturers accounted for majority of the market share in 2014, with the HPHT process representing more than two thirds of the total production because CVD is a less complex but costlier manufacturing process. The revolutionary L-CVD technique developed by Nano Coatings, S.L. offers a final product, polished or rough, with improved properties and commercialised at a lower price than competitors and competitive solutions.

Unique selling points of Nano Coatings, S.L.

Process Benefits • Higher speed of growth of the diamond and an easier control of the process conditions, which leads to greater production without compromising the quality of the product.

• The specific design of the reactor allows the efficient use of laser technology and a greater control on the uniformity of the gas flows on the substrate.

Product Benefits • High thermal conductivity (from 1,000 W/ mK to over 2,000 W/ mK)

• High hardness (70 to 120 GPa single crystal, -81 ±18 Gpa polycrystalline)

• Improved quality of the product thanks to unitary control.

• Higher and resistance to corrosion and attrition, lower coefficient of friction in the whole area and thickness, 0.05 to 0.15 (orientation dependent)

• Exceptional optical properties (Extremely broad wavelength transmission spectrum from 220nm to > 50μm)

• Flexibility in shape, size and introduction of impurities of boron or nitrogen to generate a controlled doping and modulate the electrical properties of the diamond.

Economic benefits • Competitive price lower than average natural diamond price and lower than average CVD synthetic diamond price.

• Production speed 4 times higher than traditional CVD technology

• More energy-efficient than traditional techniques leading to lower production costs.

• Large and expansive market

• Limited competition / emerging niche market



This project has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 779152.




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