The main aim of Nano Coatings, S.L. is to overcome actual challenges to ensure a large stage production of synthetic diamond by L-CVD. To do that, NC will need to scale up a pilot prototype producing with high quality, purity, homogeneity and a competitive price. However, to scale up this process and ensure industrial commercialisation of the three proposed products we have to overcome the following technical challenges:

  • Up-scale from a manual production to an automated plant including a design of a new reactor capacity. The crucial point of this challenge is to preserve the quality of the diamond based products when increasing the capacity of the reactor.
  • Automation of the process to maintain the process parameters and times allowing for a higher production per day.

Considering these challenges, the specific technical are the following:

  • Adaptation of the critical process parameters for the industrial scale L-CVD reactor.
  • Detailed analysis of the industrial scale reactor size and key parameters to ensure the productivity and safe operation.
  • Laser integration in the industrial scale reactor.
  • Standardisation of the process by elaboration of the correct workflow operation.
  • Design of the automation protocol for the integrated production system.
  • Standardisation of the material synthesis conditions in the industrial scaled reactor to enhance material reproducibility. Elaboration of the material classification rules.
  • Integration of monocrystalline and polycrystalline diamond plates into electronics, jewellery, laser among others, responding to the requirements of potential clients to further strength their trust

The demonstration objectives of this project will be:

  • Efficient Process: First of its kind to increase speed of diamond growth without compromising quality.
  • High Versatility: Unitary control over size and thickness, transparency and electric conductivity.
  • Low Damage: As an ultimate technology, it is able to reduce the product damage during raw material slicing and cutting.
  • Large-Scale: Four L-CVD reactors working on the same product or producing more than one product simultaneously.
  • Low Price: Low-energy process and cheap precursors.

With a view to future commercialization, ensure that the indispensable conditions of achieve product quality and homogeneity, production volume, competitive price, purity and secure supply are met to satisfy customer requirements during the transition. Specific commercial objectives are the following:

  • To develop pre-commercial relations with future customers, direct producers and distributors companies in five main European Union countries (Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and France) to be extended after the fifth year of commercialisation to other geographic regions (Asia-Pacific and United States).
  • Formulate an investor-ready business plan considering the results of the validation technology.
  • Integrate regulations and standards as: Reach registration; Regulation 1272/2008, on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures (‘CLP’) or Directive 2012/19 on electronic waste (WEEE) and Directive 2011/65 on restriction of certain substances in electronics (RoHS); Regulation (EC) No.762/2003 on the Kimberley Process certification scheme for international trade in rough diamonds.
  • Adoption of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 166002 to commit with requirements of clients. Certification of standards only in the plant, to ensure product quality and safety in the plant.
  • Application for national patents in UK, Germany, China and also in Europe.

In this way we will achieve the main Key Results (KR) addressed by Nano Coatings, S.L.

  • Go from the current diamond production pilot stage to mass production
  • Ensure a zero waste process avoiding hazardous solvents and chemicals
  • Variable fractions of jewellery diamonds : 0,25 , 0,5 and 1 Ct

Reduced final cost



This project has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 779152.




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